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September 29, 2014

RTS Tooling introduces a new tool that will change the way you ring gap all of your file fit rings. It is the Positive Supportive Ring Squaring Tool (PSRT).

Owner and Inventor, Rick Touchette, says "this Ring Squaring Tool will help you save time, minimize overworking of ring, and helps to keep the ring square while Measuring the ring gap."

Rick adds, "The tool works well with narrow or light tension rings - ONE tool, fits multiple bore sizes and it's easy to use."

RTS Tooling products are used by Hector Arana Pro Stock Motorcycle Drag Race Team. For more information contact us

Positive Supportive Ring Squaring Tool in use
"New Ring Squaring Tool Turns Ring Fitting Upside Down" - OneDirt.com

"Touchette's Ring Square Tool is one of those deceptively simple creations that makes a ton of sense when you see it in action, but the device has gone through a lot of design iterations as Touchette worked to perfect it for the application."

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New RTS Tooling's Ring Squaring Tool Put To The Test

"RTS Tooling's new Ring Squaring Tool is a great invention for engine builders looking for ultimate precision."

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