Rick Touchette Specialty Tooling (RTST), Mooresville, North Carolina, unveiled its patented “Pressure Differential Valve” at the PRI Trade Show in December 2008.

The Pressure Differential Valve is a unique custom research tool never marketed prior to RTST’s production. This tool has been instrumental in the gaining of proprietary cutting edge technology responsible for hundreds of race Wins, Championships and Speed Records.

By its design, this tool measures the Pressure Differentials in the valve flow area without obstructing the flow path of air being tested. The user can not only obtain accurate, repeatable results but also additional information not typically compiled in air flow tests using standard mapping technology.

The user can make changes to the cylinder head configuration and retest with accuracy, streamlining the research and development process, and gaining accurate, quality information not typically compiled without this tool.

The Trade Marked computer program, which is paired with the valve kit, compiles and stores all the data from tests numerically.

The program also graphically displays the pressure differentials in color, as well as velocity and radial flow, and is able to identify specific problem areas.

The bottom line is that engine shops using the RTST PD Valve kit will have superior information at an affordable price with minimal set up time invested.
"Improve Cylinder Head Performance with this New Invention"

"Taking a look at a new invention from RTS Tooling that can significantly help cylinder head porters and engine builders improve the performance of their cylinder heads." - From

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